Reddit user gets Google’s Stadia to run on an iPhone


Despite not officially launching on iPhone and iPad, an inventive Reddit user has uncovered a workaround to get Google’s Stadia streaming video game service to run on the iPhone.

Unlike previous methods that required users to install shady IPA files on their iPhone, Reddit user ‘zmknox‘ — whose real name is Zachary Knox — has uncovered a relatively easy method of getting Stadia to run on the iPhone or iPad through a free browser available in the App Store called Stadium.

After shifting a few settings and authenticating the browser with your Google account, the app then brings up the Stadia landing page when you launch it. Knox claims the app doesn’t feature ads or tracking code.

Building on Knox’s work, another Reddit user named ‘GrayBayPlay‘ also came up with a way to get an external controller to work with a full-screen iOS browser app, bringing PlayStation 4 DualShock 4 compatibility to the Stadium browser.

As always, there’s a possibility Apple could pull the browser from the App Store, given that it circumvents its restrictive rules surrounding video game streaming services.

It’s still unclear if services like Google’s Stadia or Microsoft’s Xbox game streaming (previously known as xCloud) will ever make its way to Apple’s iOS and iPadOS devices. Microsoft recently said that Apple’s rules surrounding game streaming services would result in a “bad experience for players.” The company compared the rules to forcing services like Netflix or Spotify to require users download each movie or song they want to stream directly from the App Store.

That said, Microsoft did recently launch a beta of a new iOS Xbox remote play app that allows users to stream their own games over the internet directly from their Xbox One console. To be clear, this is nearly identical to functionality Sony offers with its Remote Play app.

Amazon’s recently announced its Luna video game streaming service, which utilizes a progressive web app to get around Apple’s restrictive App Store rules. Luna is confirmed not to be coming to Canada at launch.

If you want to try out Stadium, you can find the app in the iOS App Store for free. Also, make sure you follow Knox’s other steps to get Stadia up and running in the browser.

Source: Reddit (Stadia Subreddit), zmknox, GrayBayPlay Via: Engadget