Apple TV app is coming to Microsoft’s Xbox consoles [Update]

It's unlikely Microsoft will force Apple to allow it to review every single original that it releases through its Xbox Apple TV app

Xbox Series X controller

In its continued efforts to get its Apple TV platform on as many devices as possible to grow Apple TV+’s subscriber base, Apple has released a version of the app to a limited group of Xbox testers.

This follows Apple bringing its TV app to LG and Samsung televisions and launching AirPlay 2 on TVs from manufacturers like Vizio.

Like on other platforms, the app includes access to all of Apple TV’s content, including original programming like See, Beastie Boys Story, Central Park, Dickinson and more.

According to iMore, which says it independently verified the app’s existence on Xbox devices, the Apple TV app’s user interface has been revamped to better suit an Xbox gamepad. The news was first broken by Twitter account @tzunami_Sapp.

Apple TV+, the tech giant’s original content platform, launched back in late 2019. Though it makes sense for Apple to be trying to get Apple TV+ content on every platform it can, it’s interesting to see the tech giant working with Microsoft despite the company effectively blocking Xbox game streaming from running on iPhones.

The Xbox Apple TV app will likely launch alongside Microsoft’s upcoming next-generation video game consoles, the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, on November 10th.

That said, the app will also likely be available across Microsoft’s entire line of consoles, including the Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One S All-Digital Edition and Xbox One X.

Update 09/30/2020 4:49pm: 9to5Mac says that an anonymous source told the publication Sony is also working to bring the Apple TV app to PlayStation consoles.

Source: iMore