Sony reveals official PS5 teardown, offers ‘up-close and personal look’ at console

Don't try this at home

PS5 teardown

Sony has published a comprehensive teardown video of the PlayStation 5.

Coming in at just over seven minutes, the video follows Yasuhiro Ootori, vice president of PlayStation’s mechanical design department and hardware design division, as he takes apart the next-gen console.

While the video is fairly tech jargon-heavy, it does reveal, as Sony promises in its title, an “up-close and personal look” at the PS5 and its various internal components.

To start, the video shows the front of the PS5, which contains a USB Type-A port and a USB Type-C port. Shifting over to the rear, Ootori points out two more Type-A ports, a LAN port, an HDMI port and a port for the power cable.

Ootori then shows how the PS5’s stand (included with each console) is attached via screw when the PS5 is placed vertically and clipped on when the box is laid horizontally.

The rest of the video highlights the PS5’s components with Ootori taking the console apart using a screwdriver. It’s important to note that Sony says that doing so will invalidate its one-year manufacturer’s warranty, so keep that in mind if you plan to get a PS5 of your own. Sony also warns that doing so may put you at risk of “exposure to laser radiation, electric shock, or other injury.”

Overall, the teardown showcases a slew of PS5 parts, including its cooling fan, dual dust catchers, storage expansion slot, Ultra HD Blu-ray drive, Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.1 antenna, x86-64-AMD Ryzen Zen 2 CPU and AMD Radeon RDNA 2-based graphics engine GPU.

When all is said and done, here’s the PS5 completely taken apart in front of Ootori:

PS5 teardown

The PlayStation 5 launches in Canada on November 12th at a cost of $629 CAD for the standard disc drive-equipped console, and $499 for the disc-less All-Digital model.

In addition to the new PS5 teardown, Sony has unveiled a revamp of its Trophy system that increases the Trophy Level range from 1-100 to 1-999. This means that Trophies now have a new level calculation structure, and your current Trophy level will be remapped to a new level within the new range based on the Trophies you’ve earned to date.

More information on these changes can be found here. PlayStation says the Trophy system updates will be rolled out automatically in North America later tonight.

Source: PlayStation