CBC to host live event in Minecraft for tweens to ask about health, back-to-school

Kids can visit 'CBC Kids News World' in Minecraft to take part

Minecraft CBC Kids

CBC has announced that it will host a special live, in-game event in Minecraft to help inform Canadian tweens about health and back-to-school procedures.

On October 10th at 4pm ET/1pm PT, Minecraft players can take part in the ‘CBC Kids News Back-To-School Live Event in Minecraft’ by going to the in-game area ‘CBC Kids News World.’ This locale is modelled after the CBC Toronto Broadcast Centre and will feature a virtual live studio taping hosted by 15-year-old CBC Kids News contributor Elijah Sandiford and GeminiTay, a 24-year-old YouTube creator from Newfoundland.

Sandiford and GeminiTay will speak with pediatrician and epidemiologist Dr. Caroline Quach-Thanh, who will also be available to take questions from kids live. Specifically, kids are encouraged to ask Dr. Quach-Thanh about any health-related inquiries they may have, as well as share their personal back-to-school experiences so far.

Additionally, the CBC Kids News World will allow kids to search for special messages celebrities, undergo a candy dispenser challenge to build a functioning structure to safely hand out Halloween candy safely and take part in a parkour race above the clouds to find a vaccine for COVID-19. These events will be available throughout the weekend.

To visit CBC Kids News World, kids need Minecraft Java Edition on Windows, Mac or Linux. Alternatively, kids can watch the event live — more information can be found on the CBC Kids site.

CBC says CBC Kids News World will be expanded later this fall with more activities and educational experiences before being added to Minecraft: Education Edition for use in classrooms across Canada.