Tesla has new Model 3 and Model Y variants with increased range

The Model 3 is also getting several interior improvements

Tesla has revamped the Model 3 and the Model Y with a few small improvements and a lot more range.

The Model 3 specifically is getting additional larger wheel options, and a new center console with a matte plastic finish instead the glossy version used before.

However, the real improvement is in the vehicle’s range.

Model 3

  • Standard Range Plus – 423km (old range 386km)
  • Long Range – 568km (old range 518km)
  • Performance – 507km (old range 481)

Drivers can also expect an auto-dimming mirror, matte black accents instead of chrome and a heated steering wheel, according to Electrek. Overall, nothing but the range improvements are incredibly useful, but these are definitely nice perks that should have been in the expensive sedan to begin with.

Model Y

The Model Y didn’t receive a host of improvements like the Model 3, but drivers who want to buy one can expect a slight range increase as well.

  • Long Range – 525km (old range 509km)
  • Performance – 488km (old range 468km)

There are no real specifics shared about how Tesla was able to add range to both of these cars, but Electrek is reporting that it has something to do with a new heat pump system.

Source: Tesla Via: Electrek