Some Canadian Tesla cars getting free internet connectivity

It's unclear if this is on purpose or if it's a glitch

Some Canadian Tesla owners are reporting that the company is giving them free internet, suggesting that Tesla may be reverting to its previous internet option.

Tesla cars from before a certain point in 2018 came with free internet package that allowed drivers to stream music, use a web browser, get over the air software updates and other internet-related features.

Later in 2018, the company shifted to a two-tier option. The free tier relied on Wi-Fi for updates and let people use basic navigation on the road. While the $14 CAD paid tier unlocks satellite navigation, over-the-air updates, the web browser and music streaming.

Since then, the company has offered a free trial for the premium offering, so it’s possible that these people are still just entering that. Still, according to Electrekat least three Canadian Tesla drivers can access the internet while driving.

Since Tesla doesn’t have a PR department anymore, it’s difficult to get the company to confirm this change. Some drivers in the comments section of Electrek‘s article suggest that this is a glitch, while others mention that they’ve also gotten free internet.

Hopefully, the automaker brings back free internet for all of its users since that’s a pretty awesome add-on that most car makers don’t offer.

Source: Electrek