Mophie’s ‘Juice Pack Connect’ clips on to the back of your smartphone

The clip-on charging brick works with any Qi or USB-C smartphone

Instead of releasing another portable battery pack or charging case, smartphone accessory maker Mophie is taking a different approach to the concept of charging your smartphone with the ‘Juice Pack Connect.’

The battery pack actually clips directly to the rear of your smartphone and wirelessly charges it. Mophie says the Juice pack Connect works with any smartphone that supports Qi wireless charging, including the recently released iPhone 12 series.

The accessory’s suction cup clip mechanism even allows you to charge your smartphone on the go, though it looks like this would be a little awkward. Given how thick the battery pack makes a smartphone, most people likely won’t even be able to slide the phone into their pocket easily.

Along with the battery, Mophie also includes a PockSocket phone grip-like stand attached to the case portion of the accessory.

The battery pack comes in at 5,000mAh and features both USB-C and Qi wireless charging support. Both of these charging methods can be used to charge the battery pack or another device.
Mophie Juice Pack Connect

What’s still unclear about this interesting accessory is what it offers in terms of wired and Qi charging speeds. The Juice Pack Connect costs $79.95 USD (roughly $105 CAD).

It seems Apple’s new MagSafe ecosystem has encouraged smartphone accessory manufacturers to start creating their own cohesive ecosystems of clip-on accessories.

For example, Peak Design, a company more known for its camera accessories than smartphone products, recently released its own line of magnetic phone cases and accessories called ‘Mobile.’