OnePlus app allows all Android phones to update/customize OnePlus Buds

It finally makes sense for every Android owner to use OnePlus Buds

OnePlus has a new app in early access called ‘HeyMelody‘ that allows other Android device users to update and customize their OnePlus branded headphones.

When OnePlus first released the excellent OnePlus Buds, their main issue is that you needed to connect the buds to a OnePlus phone to get the most out of them. This included customizing what the touchpads do on each earbud and updating the earbuds’ firmware.

While the HeyMelody app says OnePlus developed it, you can use it for both OnePlus and Oppo earbuds once you open the app. The app is still in early access, so ideally, more features will be added in the future. The newer OnePlus Buds Z are included in HeyMelody, but older models like the Bullets Wireless are not.

However, if you own OnePlus Buds and use them with a Pixel or Samsung phone, this app is a must download to get the most out of your headphones.

If you try searching for the app in the Play Store and can’t find HeyMelody, try opening up another OnePlus app page and clicking on the developer name where it says ‘OnePlus Ltd.’ Once you do that, it will show you all the apps available from that dev, and the HeyMelody app should be there.

If not, you can use this link to find it.

Source: HeyMelody