Chrome Extension reverts new Google icons back to their old look

This only works on Chrome Tabs so far

If you hate the new Google icons and you’re a Google Chrome user, you can now revert some back to their old look.

A Chrome Extension, aptly named ‘Restore Old google icons’ and created by product designer Claudio Postinghel, takes the new Google coloured icons that all look the same and reskins them in your Chrome tabs to look like the old version.

So far, it only works with Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Meet. However, this should add enough variety to help you from confusing all your tabs.

That’s all there is to this extension. It reskins the logos on your tabs, so this only helps people who need to open a ton of Google-related tabs frequently.

Hopefully, Google will learn from this and redesign its new icons once again so people can better tell them apart.

You can download the Chrome extension for free.

Source: Restore old Google icons Via: Gizmodo