Google’s Messages app now lets users schedule text messages

The feature seems to only be available for a small number of users so far

You might be in a situation where you want to be the first to wish your friend “happy birthday” at midnight, but you can’t stay awake, or you want to tell a partner you that you love them first thing in the morning, but you don’t want actually to wake up to do it.

Google is here to help you out.

The tech giant is rolling out a new feature to its Messages app that finally allows users to schedule a text message.

To schedule that “I love you” or even a “we’re over” text message, press and hold the ‘Send’ button. A schedule message option pops up on your display, and you’ll be able to select between “Later today, 6:00 pm,” “Later tonight, 9:00 pm,” or “Tomorrow, 8:00 am.” However, a better option is the “Select date and time” at the bottom.

Once you’ve select a time, you then need to tap the ‘Save’ button.

You’re also able to go back to your scheduled messages to either change, delete or send it immediately.

Currently, this feature seems only to be available to a small number of users, but it will likely get a wider release in the coming weeks.

Source: Sai Reddy (@besairreddy) Via: Android Police