New trailer for Netflix’s ‘The Witcher’ showcases a whole bunch of monsters

There are even a couple of new monsters in the mix

Netflix The Witcher

Netflix’s new trailer for The Witcher has arrived, and it offers spoilers of snippets of upcoming monsters.

The video is titled ‘Geralt’s Monster Mash,’ and also plays the song Monster Mash. It has tons of different monsters from the Witcherverse and shows a quick clip of a claw-like creature with a protruding eyeball. There’s also a trio of banshee-like skeletons that look perfect for Halloween.

The show’s second season is set to premiere in 2021, but it’s still currently in the filming process.

So far, we’ve seen images appeared online if Yennefer, as well as some images of Ciri.

Source: Netflix, Via: GamesRadar