Vancouver company to help recycle old EV batteries

Most EV batteries are considered broken once they drop 20 percent capacity

A Vancouver company called Extreme Vehicle Battery Technologies has announced that it will start a ‘Battery Revival Program’ to help give used batteries a second life.

The company has an AI program that can quickly diagnose old batteries. Once this is done, the company can choose to attempt to refurbish the old battery to be used in an EV or find some way to use it as an energy storage solution.

The company’s CEO Brydson Goodwin says that “Most EV batteries are deemed non-functional when they lose functionality in 20% of their fuel cells.” So there is a definite need for someone to step up and do something with all of these older batteries.

Extreme Vehicle Battery Technologies also says that since it’s using old batteries, the upfront cost for it to make battery storage solutions is greatly reduced.