Workout tracking on Google Fit getting visual revamp

The new update focuses on what's important while you're in the zone

Google is remaking the main workout screen in the Google Fit app on Android smartwatches.

This Wear OS update brings the Fit app up a few steps in usability by focusing on a three-screen based design. The centre screen is your main touchpoint, and it displays key metrics related to whatever type of workout you’re doing.

The swiping to the left screen reveals media playback controls, while swiping right reveals more workout metrics like calories burned and BPM.

If you’re the type of person who accidentally taps their watch screen while working out, Google has built a new button that also locks the screen down while you use it on the left page. You can use the watch’s physical buttons to navigate the pages and pause/resume your workout. Holding the power button re-enables touch controls.

The Google release post mentions that the right-hand screen can be lightly customized to show different performance metrics. However, it remains unclear if users can also change the main screen’s information.

Beyond all of that, you can also set workout goals right from the watch based on distance, time, calories burned and more.

Google says this update is starting to hit users’ watches now but may take up to a week to roll out fully. Users need to be on Wear OS version (H MR2).

Source: Google