Koodo and Fido both offering 10GB plans for $60

All of the carriers' other plans include 2GB of bonus data as well

If you’re on a bring your own device plan and you’re looking to get at least 10GB of data, then your best bet might be Fido or Koodo right now.

Both carriers are holding sales events that tack on an extra 2GB of data to each plan, so the old 8GB for $60 plan is now 10GB for $60. This also means that some of the other lower-cost plans also include bonus data.

The plans listed below are available from both Koodo and Fido right now:

  • $45 — 4GB
  • $50 — 6GB
  • $55 — 8GB
  • $60 — 10GB
  • $77 — 12GB

If you want to get a plan from Fido, you can check out its deals here. Koodo’s deals are available here. 

Source: Fido, Koodo