EB Games Canada’s PlayStation 5 purchase waiting room is live [Now sold out]


Update 03/12/2020 11:34pm ET: It’s unclear if EB Games actually had any PlayStation 5 consoles available as the retailer now says that the console is “out of stock,” according to a recent tweet from the company’s official Twitter account.

I couldn’t get past the waiting room screen and had the page open at roughly 10:45am ET. A quick glance at Twitter reveals that many other potential buyers were in a very similar situation.

Sony’s PlayStation 5 will is now in stock EB Games Canada.

The video game retailer’s website currently redirects users to the all too familiar “You are in line” landing page. If you’re hoping to buy a PS5 today, make sure you have the window open to save your spot in the virtual line.

PlayStation 5 EB games waiting room

It’s important to note that EB Games is only selling PS5 bundles and not the console on its own. Both the PS5 with a second DualSense controller for $719.98 and the PS5 Digital Edition for $589.98 also with an additional DualSense gamepad are available.

This comes to the same total as buying a PlayStation 5 or PlayStation 5 Digital Edition on its own and then purchasing an additional DualSense gamepad.

Along with EB Games, Walmart Canada also launched its “waiting room” for PlayStation 5 purchases.