Fido offering $5 discount, 5GB bonus data when adding a line in Quebec

The discount appears to be available in Ontario as well, but it's $5 and 3GB of bonus data instead

Fido $35/9GB add-a-line offer

Fido is offering some customers discounted plans when they add another line.

Spotted by RedFlagDeals (RFD), the discounted plans are as follows: $35/9GB, $40/10GB, $45/15GB and $50/20GB. The plans include unlimited calling and messaging as well.

RFD user ‘YannF39839,’ who posted about the deal, noted that it appears to be Quebec-only. However, another user later mentioned that they could see the discounted plans in Ontario. Further, YannF39839 posted that they saw the deal when logging in to Fido’s online My Account portal. Those looking to get the same deal should keep an eye out for the following item: “Add a line and get a $5/month discount for 24 months AND a 5GB data bonus!” The add-a-line offers can be found when clicking on that option.

Fido’s website, however, confirms the offer in Quebec but notes a slightly different one available in Ontario. At the time of writing, Fido’s website didn’t list a variant of the add-a-line deal in any other province.

Fido add-a-line promotion for Quebec and Ontario

The main difference between the Quebec and Ontario add-a-line offer is the amount of data you get. In both cases, customers get a $5 discount on their added line, but in Quebec, there’s a 5GB data bonus included as well. Ontario, however, only offers a 3GB bonus. Coupled with differences in Fido’s plans between the two regions, it effectively means Ontario’s plans cost about $10 more per month — for example, Fido offers a $35/9GB add-a-line promotion in Quebec, but to get the same amount of data in Ontario costs $45 per month.

If you can get access to these deals, they are a pretty solid offer. Currently, Fido plans in Quebec include $40/4GB, $45/5GB, $50/10GB and $55/15GB. Getting extra data and paying less per month is a pretty great deal.

If you’re a Fido customer, you should head over to the website and log in to My Account to see if you have the offer.

Source: RFD