Quest Hunter is a simple, fun ARPG with couch co-op and cross-play [Game of the Month]

Quest Hunter offers simple and accessibly gameplay great for kids or people who aren't hardcore gamers

This month, I spent some time playing a fun, simple isometric action-RPG (ARPG) called Quest Hunter. Available across a few different platforms, Quest Hunter offers a fun and approachable dungeon-crawling experience that nearly anyone can play and enjoy.

The game features a pretty basic story — your character crashes their airship and wakes up to find the sun has gone dark. You must then venture through the darkness fighting monsters in search of the person behind the dimmed sun and bring them to justice. While the game won’t wow you with its story, the plot provides just enough to get you into the meat of the game — a simple but fun combat system and questing for better loot.

Quest Hunter features a fun save system that has players lighting up the world with torches to push back the monsters as they progress. At first, I was a tad worried it would turn into some kind of in-app purchase mechanic since I found torches hard to come by, but the game actually has only one in-app purchase that unlocks the full game. Otherwise, there are no ads or other in-app purchases, which is a breath of fresh air.

The game offers a limited amount of character customization. As players progress through the game, they can find new weapons and other loot to improve their character. On top of that, there’s a basic progression system that lets players unlock new abilities and level up their character to improve stats.

Combat largely revolves around pushing a button to swing your weapon, but as you progress, your character unlocks new abilities that make monster-slaying a bit more interesting. One ability, for example, lets you swing your sword in a big arc around you, pushing back any monsters it hits. This is great for clearing space if you get trapped by a group of enemies.

Great option for a bit of couch co-op

Thanks to its approachable gameplay, Quest Hunter is a great game for kids or for people who aren’t hardcore gamers, although even the most extreme gamers RPG-players will fine some fun with it. To that end, Quest Hunter offers a four-player co-op system, either online or classic couch co-op with a shared screen. Even better, the game supports cross-play across all its platforms (of which it supports quite a few, more on that below).

I tested the game on iOS and, although I enjoyed it, the touch controls weren’t particularly great. The biggest issue came with navigating the game — it lets you tap where you want to walk or use a virtual joystick to move around. Touching where you wanted to go usually worked better than the joystick, but the game struggled with pathing and would sometimes run your character straight into an enemy. The joystick, on the other hand, felt imprecise and clunky. Other platforms may not have this same issue, however.

Quest Hunter is available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S, PC (Via Steam or the Microsoft Store), Mac, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and iOS (but not Android, unfortunately). Pricing differs pretty dramatically, so we’ve listed the cost and linked to each respective store below. If you want to try before you buy, start with iOS since it includes a free trial. If you’re playing on PC, Steam has the cheapest cost to buy (outside of iOS). On the console side, Nintendo Switch is also the cheapest option, especially since it’s currently on sale for $14.79.

You can learn more about Quest Hunter here.