Sonos update allows users to add a second Sub to a room

Two Subs, one room

Sonos users can now boost the bass in a room by adding a second subwoofer to their setup.

Before this update, each room could only have a single Sub.

Sonos says that dual Subs has been a long-requested feature, but it appears that the company is only focusing on adding this feature to its speakers that are used with TVs — including the Arc, Beam, Playbar, Playbase and Amp.

There are a few other restrictions too. At least one of the Subs you’re planning to use needs to be a newer third-generation Sub from this year since it needs extra processing power. You can also only use this feature with the newer Sonos S2 app.

It should be noted that the Amp doesn’t need to be connected to a TV, making it the only option for people looking to add extra bass to their setups. However, the Amp can be equipped with a wired subwoofer too.

The company also let MobileSyrup know that it’s started selling a version of the Arc soundbar called the Arc SL at Costco. This is like the regular Sonos Arc, but it doesn’t have any microphones, so it’s not technically a smart speaker. If you don’t need the mics, the SL version of the speaker is $50 cheaper, with a price of $950 CAD.