Turns out Canada’s favourite band Nickelback loves Google Photos

The song 'Photograph' was actually about Google Photos all along

Google just won the advertising game with a little help from Canada’s not very beloved rock band, Nickelback.

The search giant just dropped a Google Photos ad on YouTube that rips on the lyrics of Nickelback’s “Photograph” while depicting what appears to be lead singer Chad Kroeger browsing old photos of himself and his bandmates stored in the Google Photos app.

Google worked with Nickelback on the parody of “Photograph” used in the video — the band actually wrote and recorded the new version, which makes some of the jokes even better.

I won’t spoil anything for you, just watch the video above and enjoy.

If that inspired you to boot up Spotify and blast some Nickelback, I don’t blame you. It’s just Canadian nature to crave more of this national icon.

Love or hate the song (for many of you, that’s hate), it’s a really clever advertisement and you should definitely give it a watch. It’s also got some funny lines, particularly about Kroeger’s hair.

Speaking of Kroeger, he noted that it’s been 15 years since the song originally came out.

“Fifteen years ago, we had no idea that the photos on our mobile devices would become such a ubiquitous part of all of our lives,” Kroeger said. “When Google approached us with the idea about marrying the song with Google Photos we felt like it would be a fun and nostalgic way to give the song a lyrical refresh and share some of our favourite memories.”

Update 12/22/2020 at 5:37pm: Added a quote from Chad Kroeger as well as additional context about the ad.

Source: YouTube Via: Android Police