Google Podcasts on the web gains new Subscriptions page

The new page includes a carousel of subscribed shows and a list of latest episodes

Google Podcasts header

Google has been steadily improving its Google Podcasts app and website. The latest update improves the ‘Subscriptions’ page for Podcasts on the web.

The change is available now for most users and it adds a horizontal scrolling carousel of shows at the top of the page. On the bottom is a list of the newest episodes from the shows users have subscribed to. It starts with the most recently uploaded episode and works its way back from there.

Each podcast episode in the list shows the name of the podcast, the episode name, the artwork, a few lines of the episode’s description, the running time and how long ago the episode was uploaded.

To access the new Subscriptions page, head to Google Podcasts and click the three-line menu button in the top-left corner, then click ‘Subscriptions.’ Alternatively, just type ‘’ into your browser’s address bar.

While a simple update overall, it should prove helpful to anyone who regularly uses Google Podcasts from the web.

Source: Android Police, 9to5Google