Tile reportedly launching new ultra-wideband tracker this year

The product will leverage directional and spatial awareness capabilities

Tile Slim

Tile is reportedly getting ready to launch a new product this year to rival Apple’s rumoured AirTags and other upcoming trackers.

A new report from TechCrunch reveals that Tile’s new tracker will use ultra-wideband technology to locate missing items. The new product is also expected to use augmented reality to guide users to the location of the item through the company’s mobile app.

For context, ultra-wideband technology is a short-range wireless communication protocol that operates at high frequencies.

It can essentially be used to gather directional and spatial data, which would make it useful to have in trackers. The technology is currently available on the iPhone 11 and 12 models, along with select Android devices.

Internal concept art for the upcoming product suggests that it will look similar to the Tile Mate and Tile Pro. The product will have a centre button and users will be able to attach it to a keychain.

The product will make the process of finding lost items even easier than previously possible with the ultra-wideband technology. Through its spatial awareness capabilities, users will be able to find items that have been buried under things like a sofa cushion. The technology will also make it easier to find things in larger places.

The Tile app is also going to guide users to the lost item’s location with AR directional arrows and through an AR-enabled camera view.

TechCrunch’s sources say that Tile is planning to launch this new tracker sometime this year with support for both iOS and Android devices. There currently isn’t any information about pricing.

Although Tile has been leading the market in terms of trackers, the company is expected to face more competition this year as Apple and Samsung are looking to launch similar products.

Image credit: Tile

Source: TechCrunch