Vizio updates its existing high-end TVs for 4K/120Hz gaming

Gaming has been a huge focus for TV manufacturers at CES this year

If you bought a Vizio TV and Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 last year, then you might be able to get a little extra performance out of your television after a new update.

The update is rolling out to the company’s OLED TVs and its latest P-Series Quantum X and Quantum models. If you’re unsure if you’re TV falls into this update, a good place to start is to see if it has the company’s ‘IQ Ultra Processor’ inside.

If it does, this update is going to enable a few specific tweaks depending on what next-gen gaming experience you’re using.

Xbox Series X/S

If you have an Xbox Series X this update should make it easier for people to play games at 4K/120fps with variable refresh rates. This means that games should play more smoothly at these high resolutions and framerates. Vizio is also adding some enhancements to all resolutions playing at 120 fps in the TV’s ‘Game Mode.’

On the audio side of things, the company says it’s “improved audio support for Xbox when changing settings.”

PlayStation 5

PlayStation gamers are looking at similar improvements as Xbox players. Because the PS5 doesn’t support variable refresh rates, the TV has only enabled it to support full bandwidths of 4K at 120 fps.

The company also made some improvements to the HDR when gaming at 4K/60fps.

Gaming PCs

If you own a PC and use a Nvidia graphics card, then there are a lot of improvements here for you too.

First off, 4K/120fps support comes to these graphics cards and variable refresh rate tech follows it, but only if you’re gaming at 4K/60fps.

If you want a variable refresh rate while playing at 120fps you need to specifically have an Nvidia RTX 3080 card, the company’s second highest-end consumer graphics card.

Overall, these updates make the Vizio TVs much more compelling for gamers. However, it should be pointed out that only a few console games even support 120fps yet, such as Devil May Cry 5: Special EditionDirt 5 and Call of Duty: Warzone (on Xbox only). Therefore, you might not need to upgrade your TV right away if you have a new console.

Source: The Verge