Fido now offers $80/15GB plan for those who need more data

Although if you want more data I'd suggest waiting until there's an actual promotion

Rogers’ sub-brand Fido is now offering a new data plan allotment: 15GB for $80 per month.

It’s hard to pin down when Fido started to offer the plan, however.

This pricing is available for new customers looking to purchase a new device with the carrier and those who are bringing their own device.

The plan goes alongside Fido’s other offerings, which include 10GB for $75, 7GB for $60, 4GB for $50 and 1GB for $45.

If you’re looking to get more data, I’d definitely consider waiting as carriers tend to offer promotions more often than not.

For example, Koodo currently offers a 20GB for $75 promotion. Additionally, back at the end of December, Fido offered $75 for 20GB as well, or $65 for 28GB if you were a Freedom Mobile customer who wanted to make the switch to Fido.