Google fully rolls out ‘Guest Mode’ to all Nest home devices

If you want a little more privacy from Google, this is one way to do it

Nest Hub

Google’s privacy-focused ‘Guest mode’ is finally available for all of its Nest devices.

This feature is a stripped-down version of the assistant without personalized results. That means you can ask it things, but it won’t know who you are. Therefore, you can still set timers and ask about the weather, but you can’t get a calendar or commute data.

Google says you can simply say, “Hey Google, turn on Guest Mode,” and your Google Assistant interactions will not be saved to your account. While in Guest Mode, you can enjoy popular features, like asking questions, controlling smart home devices, setting timers and playing music. Your device won’t show personal results, like your calendar entries or contacts, until you turn the mode off. ”

When you enable the feature, your device will emit a small chime and if you have a smart display, you’ll see a small icon on the screen. It should be noted that if you do somehow use Maps or YouTube or some other apps that are independent of the Google Assistant experience, then those apps might still track you and use your data.

To round out this update, Google has added a handful of other updates focused on privacy, such as the ability to ask it even more questions related to the topic. This includes things like, “Hey Google, tell me about Guest mode, and “How do you keep my information private?”