Qualcomm to acquire startup founded by former Apple engineers

The company plans to use Nuvia's technology in chips for smartphones, laptops and vehicles

Qualcomm has acquired a startup founded by former Apple chip designers for $1.4 billion USD (about $1.7 billion CAD).

The startup is called Nuvia and was founded by three Apple chip designers who worked on the tech giant’s A-series processors that power the iPhone and iPad.

Qualcomm says it will use Nuvia’s technology in future chips for projects involving smartphones, laptops and vehicles.

“NUVIA CPUs are expected to be integrated across Qualcomm Technologies’ broad portfolio of products, powering flagship smartphones, next-generation laptops, and digital cockpits, as well as Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, extended reality and infrastructure networking solutions,” Qualcomm states.

Engadget notes that this acquisition could signify Qualcomm’s plans to create its own ARM-based processor cores. Apple uses its own ARM-based cores for its A-series chips, which generally perform better than Qualcomm designs.

This partnership with Nuvia could possibly allow Qualcomm to rely less on ARM, especially since Nvidia has acquired ARM.

Qualcomm’s acquisition announcement includes statements of support from its partners, including Google, Samsung, Microsoft and General Motors.

Source: Qualcomm Via: Engadget