Canadian co-developed ‘Nuts’ coming to Apple Arcade on January 22

The first-person puzzler will land on Switch and PC in early February

Nuts game

Saskatoon-based publisher Noodlecake has announced that first-person puzzler Nuts will launch on Apple Arcade on January 22nd.

Created by a small international team of developers, which includes Montreal-based artist Pol Clarissou, Nuts tasks players with monitoring the bizarre movements of squirrels in the depts of Melmoth Forest to find up what the critters are up to.

In terms of gameplay, you’ll have to determine the optimal layout of your equipment through trial and error, then analyze your captured footage to solve the mysteries of the squirrels.

Apple Arcade costs $5.99 CAD/month in Canada.

Nuts will also come to Nintendo Switch and PC version on February 4th, where it will be priced $19.99 USD (about $25.48 CAD).