Samsung Display to start making 90Hz OLED laptop screens in March

Samsung Display says several companies will release laptops with these screens in 2021

Samsung’s display division announced plans to make “the world’s first” 90Hz OLED panels for laptops.

In a press release, the Samsung Display CEO Joo Sun Choi said the company will start producing large quantities of 14-inch 90Hz OLED panels in March. However, it’s unclear what resolution or aspect ratio the displays will be, or if Samsung Display will manufacture a variety of resolution and aspect ratios in the 14-inch size.

Even if the company opts for regular 16:9 1080p panels, those are quite a popular format. Plus, gamers will probably enjoy the new panels, which will offer a mix of excellent OLED display quality with the higher refresh rates preferred for gaming.

Many PC gamers own 120Hz and 144Hz monitors, but getting such high refresh rates in OLED panels has been difficult, especially in laptops. While some gamers prefer high resolutions, like 4K, many feel that higher refresh rates can help in popular, highly competitive titles. For example, Valorant and CS:GO players tend to prefer high refresh rate displays as they can help players spot enemies fractions of a second fast. In online gaming, that can make a significant difference.

Sure, 90Hz panels won’t provide as fluid an experience as 120Hz or 144Hz, but it’s definitely better than 60Hz. Plus, the added visual fidelity of OLED could balance the scales. OLED panels typically offer much better contrast, colour and more.

As for which companies will use the new Samsung displays, well, that remains unknown. Samsung Display says “several global IT companies” will release laptops with 90Hz OLED screens in 2021, but didn’t name any manufacturers.

Source: Samsung Display Via: Engadget