EB Games Canada reportedly displayed buyers’ personal data when in queue for PS5

Customers' names, addresses and phone numbers were leaked, although credit card details appear to be secure

Several EB Games Canada customers are reporting that the retailer’s website leaked personal information when they attempted to purchase a PlayStation 5 online.

Speaking to MobileSyrup, two EB Games customers asking to remain anonymous reported that the issue started this morning following the restock of the highly sought-after PlayStation console.

According to the two individuals, EB Games’ site experienced an issue during the checkout process that resulted in the personal information of other customers being displayed. This included customers’ names, addresses and phone numbers, although no credit card information has been reported to have leaked.

One of the individuals provided the following images of what customers were able to see on EB Games’ website, with personal information being blocked out so as to protect peoples’ privacy.

The individuals also both pointed to a Reddit thread containing reports from other customers about the same issue.

EB Games did not immediately respond to a request for comment. The retailer has also not yet publicly addressed the issue on its social media channels, where other customers have been reporting the issue as well.

We’ll update this story once we receive a response from EB Games Canada.

Update 27/01/2021 at 11:41am ET — We still haven’t received a response from EB Games despite following up, and the company hasn’t yet addressed the issue on social media. While we wait for an official comment, we spoke to a security researcher to provide some analysis on what the data breach means for customers.

Image credit: EB Games Canada