Apple adds password sync to Windows iCloud app, requires Chrome extension that doesn’t exist

Hopefully, Apple launches the required Chrome extension soon

If you use Apple’s iCloud Keychain to manage your passwords on an iPhone or iPad, but also use a Windows PC, your life may soon get easier. Apple is working to bring iCloud Keychain to Windows, but with a few limitations.

Initially spotted by MacRumors, it looks like Apple rolled out Keychain on Windows as part of its iCloud for Windows 10 app. However, it requires a Google Chrome extension as well, and that isn’t available yet.

Those who updated to the latest version of the iCloud for Windows 10 app may have spotted “Support for iCloud Passwords Chrome Extension” in the list of new features. Additionally, the app now has an option to sync passwords. If you check the box, you’ll get a login prompt and a request for two-factor authentication (2FA). You’ll need 2FA turned on for your account to make use of the feature (and you probably should have it enabled anyway).

Theoretically, once you log in, you’ll be able to sync passwords. However, the app just prompts users to download the iCloud Passwords extension for Chrome, and the download button links to a webpage that doesn’t exist (and a Google 404 page). Plus, searching for the extension turns up no results.

It seems Apple may have pushed out the iCloud for Windows 10 app update prematurely (or is late with the Chrome extension). Whatever the reason, hopefully, Apple gets the Chrome extension online soon. Having access to Keychain passwords on multiple devices, including non-Apple computers, would go a long way to making the feature more accessible.

One drawback to the extension method is that anyone who doesn’t use Chrome or a Chromium-based browser won’t have access to Keychain sync (unless there’s also a Firefox extension in the works that the iCloud for Windows 10 app doesn’t mention). Granted, there are many more people using Chrome or Chromium-based browsers than not, but this choice still cuts out a good chunk of people.

For those who want a password manager that definitely works on everything, it could be worth checking out a dedicated app like Bitwarden, Dashlane, 1Password or countless others.

Image credit: The Verge

Source: MacRumors Via: The Verge