Some Fido users are receiving free 5GB of bonus data

Some Koodo users might have this deal as well

Fido is doling out extra data to some of its customers. Several RedFlagDeals users mention that some lucky Fido subscribers are being offered 5GB of extra data.

These 5GB bonuses are a permanent add-on. This means that if you had a 3GB plan before, it would now be 8GB per month.

This bonus doesn’t apply to everyone, however. After reading through the posts on RedFlagDeals, it appears to apply somewhat randomly, so if you’re a Fido subscriber, it makes sense to log into your account to see if the offer is available to you.

The RedFlagDeals forum user ‘kennaley’ that originally posted the thread also mentions that Koodo is offering a similar bonus. However, when I checked my Koodo account, I didn’t have this offer. That said, just like with Fido, it’s worth checking if you’re already with Koodo.

Source: RedFlagDeals