Potential Chrome OS update might let users mirror their Pixel’s display

Chrome OS seems to be hiding a secret upcoming feature that could allow users to mirror their Pixel handset.

According to 9to5Google, the feature seems to be connected to a Chromium flag called ‘Enable the SWA version of the Eche.’ An SWA or System Web App is built-in Chrome OS web technology, similar to a Progressive Web App. 9to5 says that the “eche” could be the Spanish word for “throw” or “cast.”

The publication believes that Eche will let users mirror a Pixel smartphone on a Chrome OS device’s screen. According to 9to5Google, “when clicking a notification from Phone Hub, Chrome OS will tell your phone to tap the notification then, through streaming video, open the app on your Chromebook as a window.”

This feature will likely work similarly to Microsoft’s ‘Your Phone’ app for Windows 10 that connects select Samsung phones and the Surface Duo.

Check out 9to5Google’s full report on the possible upcoming Chrome OS feature.

Source: 9to5Google