This Psyduck necklace is real pretty

The Psyduck is available in different types of gold

U-Treasure, a Japanese jewellery retailer, is releasing a limited edition Psyduck necklace as part of their Pokémon collection.

The necklace comes in three types of gold, yellow, rose and white and comes with a Pokéball inspired clasp. This is a limited edition Psyduck and is only available from February 8th until March 9th.

The most affordable one costs ¥15,400 ($186.48 CAD), and the most expensive one is ¥110,000 ($1,332 CAD).

Unfortunately, if you live in Canada, this won’t be shipped naturally, but if you use the WorldShopping service, it seems like it will get shipped here through that.

Source: UTreasure