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The uncompressed Super Mario World soundtrack is my new work mix

Compression sucks

Data miners recently restored the Super Mario World soundtrack, and the difference between the compressed and uncompressed songs is jaw-dropping.

You can listen to the full soundtrack in its remasted decompressed glory here.

That said, the sounds sound a little sweeter with context. For instance, stacking both the compressed and uncompressed versions of the Super Mario World Overworld Theme shows how much music is really lost when sounds are compressed down.

This is obviously an extreme example, but it illustrates why some people might want to subscribe to Tidal over a service like Spotify.

There’s an upbeat precision that comes along with the restored songs that’s nice to get lost in while you’re working.

According to Gamesradar, the data miners did this by finding and restoring each original sample pack, not just the full songs.

Source: The Brickster on YouTube Via: Gamesradar