Google rolls out Pixel Buds (2020) firmware update, likely just a bug fix

Google hasn't shared what's in update 553 yet

Pixel buds

Google has pushed out another firmware update for the Pixel Buds (2020), although the company didn’t release a changelog detailing what’s new.

‘Firmware 553’ is starting to hit devices now. To check for it, open the Pixel Buds app on your phone, head to ‘More settings’ > ‘Firmware update’ and look under the ‘Device firmware status’ header to see if there’s an update available. Alternatively, you can look at the current firmware version applied to the left and right earbud and case to see if your Buds are updated.

If there is an update available, you’ll need to connect the Pixel Buds to your phone, wait for the software to transfer to the earbuds, then place them in the case and wait for the buds to apply the update.

Based on the Pixel Buds update history, firmware 553 likely just brings a few bug fixes.

It’s worth noting the firmware 553 update is the latest in a long line of updates for the Pixel Buds. The last major update was in September 2020, which included a fix for an audio cut-out issue. Google also updated the Pixel Buds in May and June, as well as at launch.

It’s worth noting the Pixel Buds arrived in Canada in July after many of these updates rolled out.

Via: 9to5Google