Tesla Model X recalled again over loose trim piece

This is the second time the Model X has been subject to a recall over this issue

German motor vehicle regulator, the KBA, has told Tesla to recall around 12,000 Model X vehicles worldwide over loose trim pieces.

The KBA says that these trim pieces on some 2015 and 2016 Model X cars can become loose over time, leading to the parts falling off. In November of 2020, Tesla said it recalled 9,500 Model X SUVs for faulty roof trim, so this is likely related to that.

That recall states that some Model Y cars were losing a piece of their roof that sat between the two large glass panels that comprise the sunroof. This can fly off on the highway, posing a danger to the people behind them.

That said, if you have a Model X, it’s likely worth looking into to make sure yours is safe to take on the highway.

Source: InsideEVs