Apple reportedly working with LG Display to develop foldable screen

It still might be a while before we see a foldable iPhone

Apple has reportedly commissioned LG Display to manufacture screens for an upcoming foldable iPhone, according to DigiTimes, a Chinese-language tech publication.

The publication claims that LG Display will assist Apple in developing an OLED display panel for a future foldable iPhone. However, MacRumors notes that it’s unclear if LG Display will mass-produce the screen for Apple once the technology has been developed.

Previous rumours have indicated that Samsung will be the supplier for Apple’s foldable OLED screens and that it provided the company with sample testers last year. However, it’s unclear how LG now fits into the equation. In the past, reports have indicated that Apple has worked with both LG and Samsung on iPhone displays.

Another leak indicates that Apple has plans to launch a foldable smartphone with a 7-inch screen and Apple Pencil support as soon as 2023.

As always, it’s important to approach leaks like this with an air of skepticism, especially given that DigiTimes has a less than stellar record when it comes to accurate Apple rumours.

Source: Digitimes Via: MacRumors