Microsoft aims to make gaming more accessible with new testing program

Players with disabilities will be part of the game testing process

Microsoft Gaming

Microsoft has made industry-leading strides towards making gaming more accessible in the past, and now, it’s taken another large step.

The company’s Xbox Adaptive Controller is the main example of its most recent efforts to allow players to enjoy games equally, no matter their disability or physical situation.

In a recent Xbox blog post, senior gaming accessibility program manager Brannon Zahand outlined the company’s new efforts in regards to Microsoft’s XAGs (Xbox Accessibility Guidelines). The XAGs are guidelines that developers must follow in order to reach Microsoft’s accessibility standards for its gaming platforms.

These guidelines have just been improved through the clarification of specific game testing goals, as well as a new testing program that includes gamers with disabilities in the testing process.

Each test case will now give developers the opportunity to include members of the Gaming & Disability Community, and these individuals will be able to provide important feedback to help validate a game’s level of accessibility.

Microsoft looks to use the program to help both developers and players make gaming more accessible within the industry as a whole.

Image credit: Microsoft

Source: Microsoft