Amazon to bring new Fire TV UI to Fire TV Stick 4K and Cube in March: report

The new UI is all about streamlined content discovery

Amazon will roll out its new Fire TV UI to more devices next month, according to Protocol.

This would mark an expansion of the revamped UI to Fire TV Stick 4K, Fire TV and Fire TV Cube, following its recent release on the Fire TV Stick and Stick TV Lite.

The new Fire TV experience sports a revamped Home Screen to feature all of the user’s favourite content in one place, as well as a new navigation menu, to access your library, live content and favourite apps. Meanwhile, a new ‘Find’ tab mixes movies, shows, free ad-supported content and more from various services.

According to Protocol, Amazon “wants to use the new and improved personalization to better integrate plugs for new streaming services into its interface, making them feel less like up-sell prompts.”

Protocol also reports that Amazon plans to bring the new Fire TV UI to older streaming adapters and TVs with built-in support for the OS in the coming months.

Source: Protocol