Google finally adds Apple App Store privacy labels to Gmail

Google has added the privacy label to Gmail without actually updating the iOS app itself

Google has added Apple App Store privacy labels to Gmail, making it the second major app from the tech giant to get the labels following YouTube.

Apple has been enforcing its App Privacy labels since late last year, and Google is slowly starting to roll out labels for its apps.

The new privacy labels break down data types into three categories: data used to track you, data linked to you and data not linked to you.

The privacy label added to Gmail outlines that the app doesn’t collect users’ names, physical addresses or phone numbers. The label also notes that the app shares users’ “coarse location” and user ID with advertisers.

Gmail also shares advertising data, such as how users interact with ads, with third-party advertisers. Further, location data is also used for analytics.

The privacy label states that the app may access this information, not that it necessarily already does. The label notes that the information in the labels was supplied by Google and that “this information has not been verified by Apple.”

It’s worth noting that Google has added the privacy label to Gmail without actually updating the iOS app itself, even though it’s due for one since its last update was two months ago. Earlier this month, the app itself was warning users that the latest security features are unavailable.

Now that Google has added privacy labels to YouTube and Gmail, the tech giant will likely start rolling them out to its Maps, Photos, Chrome and Docs apps. Hopefully, Google will also resume regular updates for its iOS apps soon.