Primus permanently removing data overage charges on internet plans

The carrier was recently acquired by Distributel

Primus is permanently removing data overage charges on all of its capped internet plans, its parent company Distributel has announced.

Earlier this year, Distributel acquired Primus, bringing it under Canadian ownership. Distributel had stated that the acquisition will allow the two companies to build a stronger Canadian telecom brand that offers residential, business and wholesale services.

Primus temporarily removed data overage charges in March 2020, as several other carriers did towards the start of the pandemic, but now joins Distributel in making the decision permanent.

“We are so proud to be able to do this for our customers. Our customers’ satisfaction is a top priority for us,” said Distributel CEO Matt Stein in a press release.

“As Canadians continue to live through the COVID-19 pandemic, more than ever before, the importance of having affordable access to unlimited internet is a necessity, and we’ll be here to support their changing needs,” Stein outlined.

Distributel notes that this change is effective immediately across all capped plans and that customers don’t have to take any action.

The carrier says this decision will help Canadians who are working or learning from home to stay connected without worrying about additional costs.

Source: Distributel