Nova Scotia announces $3,000 electric vehicle buying incentive

The rebate also includes used EVs and e-bikes

The Government of Nova Scotia has announced that it now offers a $3,000 electric vehicle (EV) buying incentive.

Like the $5,000 federal incentive, this only applies to cars that cost less than $55,000. That said, both rebates can be stacked, providing users with a maximum of $8,000.

Used vehicle sales can get up to $2,000 off, andeE-bike buys qualify for a $500 discount.

The money for the EV rebate comes from a $9.5 million chunk of the provincial government’s new $19 million fund related to green rebates and incentives. The other half of this $19 million fund is allocated for green home-related investments.

This adds Nova Scotia to the exclusive club of provinces that offer EV rebates, which also includes B.C.’s $3,000 rebate, Quebec’s $8,000 and the Yukon’s $5,000. Nova Scotia and Quebec are the only provinces to offer a rebate on used EVs.

This rebate will likely help accelerate EV adoption in the province since it already offers a fairly EV robust charging infrastructure.

Source: CBC News