Fido internet deal nets new subscribers 50 percent off for a year

You're not locked into a contract so you can cancel whenever you want

If you’re looking to get a new internet plan and you’re comfortable with 150Mbps and 75Mbps speeds, then Fido has a pretty hot offer.

This deal only applies to new Fido internet subscribers, but it drops the price of the unlimited 150Mbps download speed plan to $42.50 per month for a year. The 75Mbps option costs $37 per month.

You only get the discounts on these plans for a year, but you’re not locked into a contract and can freely leave if a better deal comes along. It’s also worth noting that Fido only offers internet to residents of Ontario.

Regularly, the 150Mbps plan costs $85 per month, and the slower plan is $75.

To take advantage of the plan, you need to call Fido since you can’t order this plan online. The number is 1-888-989-0872.

You can read more about the deal on Fido’s website.

Update 01/03/2021 5:27 PM ET: This article has been updated to mention that Fido only offers internet in Ontario.

Source: Fido