Samsung’s 2021 TV lineup has a lot of promise

All TVs should be inside picture frames

Samsung has shared a ton of new information about its upcoming 2021 TV lineup.

To start off, the attractive-looking Samsung Frame TV is getting a new set of accessories that add a pegboard and a shelf to the TV to integrate it even further into your home’s decor.  Samsung is also boosting the 2021 models’ inboard storage to 6GB so you can store even more images on it to make it a more robust digital photo album.

Samsungs high-end Neo QLED TVs, which use MicroLEDs backlights to offer punchy contrasts and colours, will be available in 8K and 4K sets. The larger 8K options will come in 85-inch,75-inch, 65-inch models. The 4K sets come in two different product ranges that offer 55-inch to 85-inch sizes and more affordable.

The top-of-the-line 8K models have a more attractive design with tiny bezels, so it’s a little disappointing that Samsung didn’t bring this design to the more affordable 4K sets as well. That said, all of these MicroLED sets look modern.

Samsung also added MicroLED tech to the Odyssey G9 curved monitor, bringing several nice picture enhancements for gamers. The company is also bringing several video game-focused enhancements to its larger TVs.

This new game bar allows you to crop the display to a maximum 32:9 aspect ratio, making living room gaming on a giant TV feel more like gaming on an ultrawide monitor. You can also quickly turn on game mode to reduce input lag, force HDR on and crank the frames per second to 120.

Overall this is an exciting lineup, and MobileSyrup has reached out to Samsung Canada for pricing and release information.

If you’re interested in all of Samsung’s TV-related announcements, including its projectors and soundbars, you can watch the full presentation below.

Source: Samsung