Apple quietly launches tool to upload iCloud photos to Android

This is now the easiest way to move photos from Apple's ecosystem to Google's

Apple has quietly released a tool that makes it really easy for users to transfers their photos and videos to Google Photos.

This new tool has been placed on the Apple Data and Privacy website under the subheading ‘Transfer a copy of your data.’

Once you open the tool, you’ll see how many photos and videos are associated with your Apple account and a drop-down menu that lets you copy them into Google Photos.

This process takes a couple of days to complete, and it doesn’t transfer ‘Live Photo’ data. That said, this method is now the easiest and most effective way to transfer photos from an iPhone to an Android smartphone.

If you want to move photos with the Live Photo video attachments, you can upload them directly via the Google Photos app on your iPhone or iPad.

You can also upload your whole library this way as well, but it’s a less automated process.

Source: Apple