Intel ordered to pay $2.18 billion after losing patent-infringement trial

Intel has said it intends to appeal

Intel has been ordered to pay $2.18 billion USD (about $2.75 billion CAD) after losing a patent-infringement trial.

Bloomberg reports that Intel infringed two patents related to chip-making that were owned by a company called VLSI Technology. The court has ordered Intel to pay $1.5 billion USD (about $1.8 billion CAD) for infringement for one patent and $675 million USD (about $853 million) for the other.

“Intel strongly disagrees with today’s jury verdict. We intend to appeal and are confident that we will prevail,” a spokesperson from Intel told Bloomberg.

The patents, which are from 2010 and 2012, have changed ownership over the past years. They were originally issued to Freescale Semiconductor and SigmaTel.

Freescale bought SigmaTel and was in turn bought by NXP in 2015. The two patents being covered in the case were then transferred to WLSI in 2019.

“We are very pleased that the jury recognized the value of the innovations as reflected in the patents and are extremely happy with the jury verdict,” said VLSI chief executive Michael Stolarski.

A lawyer for Intel has argued that VLSI doesn’t have any products and that its only potential revenue is this lawsuit.

Source: Bloomberg