Upcoming Pixel update forces dark boot up screen option

The boot-up screen will only show white on the initial setup or after a factory reset

When you boot up a Pixel smartphone, you’ll typically see either a stark white or a dark screen, but that will soon change.

Previously, the Pixel’s boot animation showed up with a white background, but with Android 10, Google launched a new dark mode option for the boot screen. That said, the dark option would only occur when you had dark mode toggled on before restarting the handset.

 XDA Developers says it was tipped that Google has introduced a change to the Android Open Source Project that shifts Pixel smartphones to use the white animation only during the device’s initial setup or a factory reset. After that, your Pixel device will always boot in dark mode, despite the dark mode toggle.

According to the message attached to the code change, Google’s “UI team [has decided] to always use dark boot after the device is provisioned.”

Google is reportedly making the change so that when the handset restarts late at night, your Pixel phone will no longer display a bright white screen.

Right now, this update is only now appearing in the Android Open Source Project. It’s unclear when it will hit Google’s Pixel devices.

Source: XDA Developers