What do you think about group voice chat app Clubhouse?

Are you having fun with Clubhouse?

Clubhouse, a currently invitation-only group audio chat app that was first released in 2020, is getting a lot of attention. The app, which is only available on iOS right now but is coming to Android soon, is quickly growing in popularity despite not being widely available yet.

Clubhouse lets users start voice chatrooms that anyone can join, allowing groups of friends and like-minded people to talk with each other easily. Notable celebrities like Tesla CEO Elon Musk and The Game Awards’ Canadian founder Geoff Keighley have even used it to speak with their fans.

I got my first invite to Clubhouse back in December when I started using the iPhone 12 Pro as one of my daily drivers, and while I’ve listened in on chats a few times, I mostly find myself avoiding the app, despite the constant invites from my sister to join in.

For more on what the app is, check out our in-depth breakdown of how Clubhouse works.

Have you started using the Clubhouse, and if you are, how do you like it so far? Are you like me and generally just listen to group conversations only occasionally, or are you more active and engaged? Let us know in the comments below.