Xbox Series X/S gamers can now play ‘Overwatch’ at 120fps

There's now a 4K 60Hz mode on the Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X and S Overwatch players just received a crucial update. The latest update now offers a ‘Preferred Mode’ option that lets users increase the game’s framerate to 120fps if they have a 120Hz TV.

The new ‘Preferred Mode’ gives users a few options on how they want the first-person shooter to perform.

The ‘Resolution’ option focuses on image sharpness, letting Xbox Series X players play Overwatch at 4K 60Hz and 1440p 60Hz for Xbox Series S gamers.

The ‘Balanced’ option emphasizes image quality, but still maintains a strong resolution, hitting 1440p 60Hz on the Series X and 1080p 60Hz on the Series S.

Lastly, the ‘Framerate’ option lets users push Overwatch to 120fps while sacrificing image fidelity. On the Series X, resolution hits out at 1440p in this mode and 1080p on the Series S. That said, you’ll need a 120Hz TV or a variable refresh rate to utilize this feature.

Unfortunately for PlayStation 5 players like myself, it’s unclear when this update will hit Sony’s console.

The new update comes alongside the PachiMarchi challenge, which lets players earn themed rewards, including a new Pachimari Roadhog skin.

Source: Blizzard