Leaked render gives us another possible look at Apple’s 3rd-gen AirPods

Could these be Apple's new AirPods?


Rumours surrounding the 3rd-gen version of Apple’s AirPods have been swirling for the last few months.

While the wireless earbuds’ design hasn’t changed significantly since their launch back in 2016, that could soon change if these leaked renders are accurate.

Though the images look a little dubious, Gizmochina says it received the “AirPods 3” renders from a parts supplier. They show off a shorter stem and reportedly come with replaceable ear tips similar to the AirPods Pro. That said, the ear tips aren’t featured in the leaked renders.

It’s worth noting that the leaked render backups a real-world photo of the rumoured earbuds that appeared in late February. Apple’s 3rd-gen AirPods are also rumoured to feature active noise-cancellation (ANC), similar to the AirPods Pro.

If the wireless earbuds include ANC, it will be interesting to see what separates them from the higher-end AirPods Pro. This could also indicate that Apple has plans to refresh its more expensive earbuds at roughly the same time as the standard AirPods.

There’s a possibility Apple could reveal the new AirPods at an upcoming March product reveal event set for the 23rd or 30th.

As always, it’s important to approach leaks like this with an air of skepticism, especially since it doesn’t come from a well-known, reliable source.

Image credit: Gizmochina

Source: Gizmochina