Twitter’s Clubhouse competitor ‘Spaces’ opening to all in April

Everyone will be able to participate in Twitter Spaces next month

Twitter started testing its audio chatroom feature, called ‘Spaces,’ way back in December, and it’s about to open up to everyone.

Spaces are audio chatrooms that Twitter users can join to hear live audio conversations. Sometimes these can be from influential people, for fun or education. There is really no limit to Spaces. If you’ve used Clubhouse, this is the same premise.

Spaces are already on Twitter and you may have seen people hosting them recently. The current test means that anyone can join a Space, but only a select few people can start one. In April, Twitter plans to open the service up to all of its users, according to The Verge

What remains to be seen is if Twitter can moderate the freedom that audio chatrooms provide. Clubhouse has been marred with issues as it rose to prominence for hosting alt-right chatrooms and other hate-filled rooms, which has led to questions about how to moderate speech and protect people from harassment in audio-based open discussions.

Both Clubhouse and Twitter are toying with user moderation, similar to how Reddit keeps the many communities on its site organized. Facebook is also said to be working on a play in the audio chat room space, but so far, the company hasn’t shown its hand.

Source: The Verge